Bonnie Ryan shares sweet message to this year’s Leaving Cert students


The Leaving Cert officially began this week, bringing with it the typical envy inducing sunshine, but also a lot of stress. However, Bonnie Ryan has shared a sweet message of support to her followers taking their exams this year.

Highlighting how difficult a time it can be, the makeup artist began; “I know that yesterday the Leaving Cert was starting, so anyone who follows me who is doing the Leaving Cert, best of luck.”

“I know it’s easy to say, ‘try not to get stressed,’ when I know when you’re doing your leaving cert, it is without a doubt the most stressful thing, that’s going on in your life.”

Bonnie Ryan
Pic: Lili Forberg for VIP Magazine

Remembering how tough she found her own exams, Bonnie shared; “I was so stressed doing mine, but just try your best to stay calm and know that it’s going to be over soon.”

The 29-year-old also acknowledged how the Leaving Cert isn’t the only way to achieve your goals.

Saying; “And you know if it doesn’t go to plan. There’s always a way into what you want to do in some shape or form. Sure, I’m doing nothing that I put on my CAO, doing nothing that I put on it.”

Bonnie Ryan
Pic: Lili Forberg for VIP Magazine

Continuing; “Not even doing what I did in my first course after college. I went to college twice, finished both courses. I got a first in my degree, as well, in marketing.”

Reassuring fans that everything will work out, she explained; “Life just had a funny way of figuring itself out.”

Bonnie finished by criticizing the pressure it puts on young people, saying: “I also feel like how are you expected, for the majority of people, to know what you want to do when you’re only like 17?”


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