Beat the Blue Monday slump with the ultimate self care evening

If you’ve opened social media at all today, you may be aware that it’s Blue Monday.

Blue Monday, according to Cliff Arnall of the Cardiff University Centre for Lifelong Learning, is said to be the saddest day of the year. Research came to this conclusion due to multiple factors including the weather, the proximity to Christmas and how we mightn’t have that much money to spare and the time of January when motivation may be at a lull.

Maybe you felt it before logging in this morning, but maybe you had no clue about this designated ‘bad day’ and something about seeing everyone highlight that it’s ‘supposed’ negative kind of put a damper on the start of the week.

Today has lots of potential to be a not-so-blue Monday, the weather isn’t too bad, and the rest of the power is in your hands.

Take this time to consciously make the rest of your day a little better, and set yourself up for the rest of the week.

Here are a few ways to make this happen…

Log off 

Give yourself a real chance at a positive evening, social media can be draining on any given day, but today, it seems the “Blue Monday” content is hard to miss. It can be tough to stay positive when our feeds are telling us how we ‘should’ be feeling. It would be no harm to give your mind a break for the evening by putting down your phone after work.

Get some fresh air

Whether you’re working from home or on location, it’s always a good idea to end the day with a bit of fresh air. Grab your friends, partner or family and get out for a good chat and a stroll debriefing your daily gossip and getting in that little bit of cardio if the weather is dry, even if it’s a small walk, or even sitting out in your garden, you’ll feel all the better for it.

You time

Something that is bound to brighten up your evening, is designating time for you. Do something that you enjoy and make sure you put time away for it.

We can so often say we didn’t find the time to do our favourite thing during the week, whether it’s having an indulgent bath, watching your favourite show or putting on that facemask you’ve been stashing for a you day, even popping on some tan! Kick start your week by prioritising yourself, because nothing else is as important.

Help future you

One thing that can keep your entire week going smoothly, is a little bit of preparation. You know that feeling when you thank yourself for cleaning your room before you left the house because you feel a lot better coming home?

You can do this with the smallest of actions. Pick yourself up your favourite lunch to have for work tomorrow, lay out your clothes the night before, set your alarm a little bit earlier to do your make-up and make yourself feel fab on a regular old Tuesday. Future you will be thankful and present you will feel oh so productive.

Wind down

Give yourself time to carry out that elaborate night-time routine you never do. Complete your skincare, moisturise your entire body, read your book you’ve been meaning to get to, or flick on your favourite movie. Of course, you’ll have your favourite candle lighting while you do because that’s the type of evening we’re going for.

Each of these small actions can make such a difference to your evening and set you up for the rest of the week!

Next time the world is telling you it’s a bad day, think back to all the small things you can do to make sure, even in the smallest way, you give yourself a chance to enjoy it.


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