Aoife Walsh reveals she never pictured her life turning out the way it has

Aoife Walsh
Pic: Aoife Walsh/Instagram

Aoife Walsh, a former Miss Ireland is a mother to her two-year-old, Penelope.

Aoife never pictured her life turning out the way it has at 33, living at home as a single mum. That being said she regrets none of it.

In an interview with the Everymum podcast the former model  said she’s happy to share the ups and downs of life with her followers: “I couldn’t put on a facade or this inspo kind of lifestyle if I tried because it’s just too hard. Life’s hard enough as it is besides trying to create this imaginary life as well online.”


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Carrying on from that she reveals she doesn’t feel the point in hiding where she’s at in her life: I’m very much like ‘I live at home with my mum and dad, the house is chaos all the time. I don’t know how they put up with us.”

She points outthat she only puts up content that feels natural to her: “I just put up what is generally natural to me. I even get messages from followers and they’re like ‘thank you for having a space on the internet where it’s not all happy happy.”

The influential content creator says she’s happy she put her life out the way she does: “It’s not necessarily where I thought I’d be or what I thought my life would look like but that’s ok, there’s nothing wrong with that.”


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She says she tries to focus on the important aspects of her life like having a roof over her head, a healthy daughter and parents, being happy herself: “I couldn’t be bothered trying to put out something that is not real because it wouldn’t even come into my sphere to do something like that.”

The Tipperary born girl says her perspective on babies completely changed after Penelope was born, particularly in the Instagram era where every child is dressed immaculately with “not a snotty nose to be seen.”

She talks about how reality completely shattered that idea of perfection instead she says: “Right now my little girl… she won’t wear a bow on her head for the life of me, she has snots constantly running down her face and there’s food all over her clothes.


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She remembers finding the pregnancy particularly difficult because it was during Covid so she was unable to hang out with the girls following her break-up from a long term relationship: “I remember dealing with al of the changes that my pregnancy brought, changing body and everything. So I was definitely very overwhelmed during that time.”

She notes just how thankful she is having such a good support system in her family and friends

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