Amanda Byram looks back on her younger years: “I can’t believe I thought I was FAT.”

The Dancing with the Stars presenter has been in the limelight from a very young age.

Amanda was hard on herself when she was younger.
Amanda was hard on herself when she was younger.

Looking back at the early stages of her career, Amanda Byram has admitted she was overly critical of herself.

The seasoned tv presenter made a name for herself in America in her early twenties, after hosting Fox’s extreme make over show, The Swan. 

Amanda was the envy of viewers, with her luscious locks, sallow skin and slender figure – but at the time, the Dublin born beauty didn’t see herself this way. In fact, she even believed she needed to lose weight and focused her attention on getting “the perfect body”.

“I was going through my phone recently and I accidentally swiped backwards instead of forwards and I just spent about two hours going through all of my old photos.” she told the Sunday World magazine.

“I was looking at them going ‘I can’t believe I thought I was fat back then – I was banging’.

“Sometimes I think we waste too much of our lives thinking about what we look like instead of taking a moment to appreciate it. I’m a lot happier in my own skin now, though.”

Amanda in her younger years.
Amanda in her younger years.

The former model wishes she spent less time stressing out about her career when she was living in America.

“If I could go back in time and tell myself anything, it would just be to stress less. I think I was pretty chilled in my twenties but in my thirties I moved to the States and I was away from home and I was hard on myself then.

“During my teens was probably the toughest because I was modelling and I was worrying about being thin. I just look back at that time and want to say ‘go easy on yourself, stop beating yourself up about every little thing’.”

Amanda looking better than ever!
Amanda looking better than ever!

Now, at 41-years-old, Amanda is finally comfortable in her own skin.

In fairness, who wouldn’t be confident with a body like that?!

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