Alison Canavan opens up about being an alcoholic and her long road to recovery

"Every single time I went out, all everyone talked about was my drinking."

Alison Canavan
Alison’s finally on the road to recovery

Alison Canavan has opened up about her experience with alcoholism and her long road to recovery.

The model mum has always been open about her problem with alcohol and now, to mark being 18 months sober she has revealed what it took for her to hit rock bottom and the struggles she faced along her journey to becoming sober.

The former party girl admitted that although alcohol had a bad effect on her, she just got used to the side effects.

She wrote in Life magazine, “I would have regular back outs and although they terrified me in the beginning, I’m ashamed to say I got used to them.

“I tried to stop drinking, and succeeded for days, weeks and even months at a time. I periodically fooled myself and I fooled those around me.

The brunette beauty went on to say that it was sheer exhaustion that eventually got her to take serious action.

She said, “I was exhausted from escaping and piecing things back together the day after the night before. I was sick of having the fear.”

Alison and her son James
Alison and her son James

At the beginning, when she became sober she was a hot topic of conversation and people she thought were her friends were her main doubters – this taught Alison a lot about true friendship.

She said, “I learnt a lot about friendship the past year. I learnt a lot about friendship, truth and honesty.”

Although she admits it was “damn hard” in the beginning, she says after 18 months of sobriety she feels better than ever.

“Now I feel more alive each day that I ever have before. I wake up with a heart full of gratitude and appreciation for what I have.”

Hats off to you, Alison!


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