Alan Hughes addresses changes to Ireland AM: ‘its working and the ratings are working’

Karl Broderick and Alan Hughes pictured at the Platinum VIP Style Awards 2023 at the Dublin Royal Convention Centre in Golden Lane, Dublin.Picture: Brian McEvoy

Ireland AM has seen some major changes in the past couple of years, with presenters Anna Daly, Laura Woods, Glenda Gilson, Aidan Power, Simon Delaney saying goodbye to the show. And new faces like Muireann O’Connell, Tommy Bowe, Katja Mia and Martin King joining the show.

However, through it all, longtime presenter Alan Hughes remained a fixture of the show since his start in 2009. Currently Alan presents the week day morning shows along side Muireann and Tommy. Speaking to us at the Platinum VIP Style Awards, the TV legend shared his thoughts on the changes.

“Its working really well. Myself, Muireann, and Tommy are getting on like a house on fire. I think it’s coming across. People are saying: ‘Oh yous look like yous go for a pint after the show’ but we’re getting on great, and its working, and the ratings are working. We’ve just gelled,” he explained.

Paul Ryder, Elaine Crowley and Alan Hughes pictured at the Platinum VIP Style Awards 2023 at the Dublin Royal Convention Centre in Golden Lane, Dublin. Picture: Brian McEvoy

“Its very hard sometimes, because at that time of the morning with three presenters to gel the way we have, its just a joy. So we’re just loving it, and after 21 years of me doing it, I never thought I’d be able to reinvent it again. But its worked really well, so I’m delighted,” he continued.

“We’re delighted [Tommy] is from Monaghan. Its a bit of country spread, because Muireann’s from Limerick, and I’m a real Dub, Ballyfermot born and bread. So its a real mix and a real spread.”

Outside of waking up the nation on Ireland AM, Alan and his husband Karl Broderick are busy preparing for this year’s Pantos.

“We’re already planning Panto, we’re doing Panto again this at The National Stadium this year, Sammy, Buffy & The Beanstalk, and my husband Karl writes the show. So we’re actually casting that, so looking forward to that,” the Dubliner shared.

“It’s going to be a huge show for us this year, its 25 years of doing Panto together, so we’re looking forward to it.”

“We started as children in kinder garden so…” Karl joked.

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