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The reason why Louis Walsh NEVER wants to work with Cheryl again

He's not holding back
He’s not holding back

We all know by now that Louis Walsh isn’t Cheryl Vernadez-Fersini’s biggest fan, but now he’s saying he never wants to work with her again.

The former X Factor co-workers have had their fair share of fall outs over the years, and there’s also tension from when Louis managed Cheryl in Girl’s Aloud.

The music mogul’s latest comments are that he’d like to return to the music reality show, but that he couldn’t share the panel with the popstar.

Why, you ask? He claims that Cheryl is mediocre as a mentor, and doesn’t want to associate with her.

The former co-stars
The former co-stars

Asked about the singer he said: “She’s okay, but she doesn’t give me the fun that Sharon gives me or Nicole gives me.

“For me, they’re the two best judges ever and I like Mel B. She was great fun. And Gary Barlow too,’ he told The Herald.

“I would only go back if it was going to be fun, I was there for 11 years and had an amazing time with Sharon Osbourne.”

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