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This clip is fantastic!

News: WATCH: Imelda May sings with busker on the streets of London

We're so excited!!

News: Blast from the past! Samantha Mumba set to perform on The Six O’Clock Show this Friday

Hughie and Ryan Pic: VIP Ireland

News: Hughie Maughan is moving back to Ireland today, following his break up

Sinead still isn't used to the early mornings! PIC: Lili Forberg for recent VIP shoot

News: Sinead Desmond on her Ireland AM role: “I’m a bossy high energy cow”

He's made a young boy's dream come true.

News: Ed Sheeran makes a terminally ill boy’s wish come true

Karen wouldn't be opposed to getting a jab or two. PIC: Brian McEvoy

News: Karen Koster admits she isn’t opposed to getting botox

She's explained her decision to leave. PIC: VIP Ireland

News: Ruth O’Neill opens up about her reasons for leaving Xpose: “It can be really lonely at times”

She's a fan of the brand.

News: Kim Kardashian wore a top from an Irish vintage clothing company

She dishes on her most stylish Irish celeb. PIC: Beta Bajgartova

News: Suzanne Jackson announces that she will NOT be restocking her fashion line

This is very exciting!

News: Lisa Cannon reveals her next career move as stint on Weekend AM ends