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Exclusive: Ryan McShane gushes over Erin McGregor: “She’s a firecracker – I like that!”

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Exclusive: Conor McGregor treats Erin to Cartier bracelet ahead of dance debut

Conor and Erin

Exclusive: Erin McGregor explains Conor’s absence from DWTS

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News: Dee Devlin steps out to support Erin McGregor at DWTS


News: Erin McGregor breaks down following dance debut


Exclusive: Tomas O’Leary spills the beans on his Dancing with the Stars competitors


Exclusive: Kian Egan announces surprising career move

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News: Mairead Ronan shares sweetest pics from family holiday


Exclusive: Louis and Jason forced to step in as Irish accents baffle Denise and Michelle 


News: Everyone is saying the same thing about last night’s episode of Fair City