Where did Magic Mike star Matt Bomer learn how to be sexy? In Galway, apparently!

This news has made us feel proud to be Irish. We'll be claiming him next!

Swoon.... Matt says he got his swagger from us!
Swoon…. Matt says he got his swagger from us!

One would imagine super-hot Magic Mike XXL star Matt Bomer didn’t need any lessons in how to be sexy – but it seems that he did: in GALWAY!

The gorgeous actor, who was considered for the role as Christian Grey before Northern Irish star Jamie Dornan, has revealed he learned his stripper confidence for the Magic Mike movies from the “hot Irish”. Hurrah!

Matt, who hails from America, spent some time living in Galway after college and says he fell in love with the “celtic swagger” of Irish people.

“I used to live in Galway maybe 15, 16 years ago, was just a kid out of college and that city changed me,” he said.

“I’d been studying regional theatre and decided I want to go away for a while and had family roots in Ireland and thought, that would be the place to do it. So got my work visa and was on my way.”

The American Horror Story star said that before he moved here temporarily he described himself as a “little shy” – but that quickly changed.

Check out that bod!
Check out that bod!

“I was probably a little shy because I hadn’t been out of the States much but [the Irish], they have that self-assurance, that swagger, it’s so infectious and crazy amazing. The Irish are hot.”

“Ended up bartending at Busker Brownes and waited tables at Kirby’s on Cross Street and definitely built up more confidence which can’t have hurt my career.”

The 37-year-old said his sister’s husband is also from Galway and he can’t wait to return.

We can't wait for you to come back either, Matt!!
We can’t wait for you to come back either, Matt!!

“Loved the people there, one of my favourite places in the world, especially when I could have gone anywhere in the world,” he told the Independent.

“So I can’t wait to come back. My sister’s husband is from Galway, I need to get back sooner rather than later. I miss that Celtic swagger.”

We’ll definitely be waiting to welcome you back with open arms, Matt…




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