What is The Law Of Assumption? Can it help you manifest your best life?

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The Law of Attraction has been used by many for years to manifest the life you have always dreamed of.

The concept of the Law of Attraction has gained significant attention as it was popularised by books like “The Secret” and embraced by many worldwide including Jim Carey and Oprah Winfrey. But now many are arguing for a better alternative – the Law of Assumption. 

Created by American author Neville Goddard, at its core the Law of Assumption states that you can manifest your hopes and dreams by believing that what you want already exists in your life.

Unlike the law of attraction which focuses on thoughts, energy, and positivity, the law of assumption emphasises the power of our beliefs and what we assume for ourselves and our future.  

By assuming you have something it will eventually come to you. But is there any weight to this at all or is it just another fad? 

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What exactly is it? 

The good thing about the law of assumption is that you don’t have to obsess over your thoughts unlike the law of attraction where many can feel like they have manifested something negative into their life just because they had anxious thoughts.  

It is rooted in the belief that what you want is already out there for you and nobody else can control that. Essentially you are tricking your mind into believing you already have what you want. 

How do you implement it into your life? 

Step 1 – Write your dreams and goals down  

Write down exactly what it is you want. Down to the very last detail. For example, if it was a new car you desired you would write the colour, the year, if it had leather seats etc.

Be very specific about what it is you want. Use all of your sense to describe how it feels to have it. It is essential to write it down as if you already have it.  

Step 2 – Envision your dreams 

Many do this step just before they go to sleep at night. Allow your imagination to flow freely and envision how amazing it would feel to achieve your goals.

Imagine people congratulating you, how it would feel, what it would look like. Let go of any doubts – no one else knows what you’re thinking about at this moment so let go of any judgment of yourself. Do this for six days straight and then let it go by the seventh.  

Which leads us to the next step. 

Step 3 – Let go and assume what you have is already yours  

This is the more difficult part of the process. Once you’ve written it down and imagined it, let the law of assumption do its thing and just assume that what it is you want is going to happen for you.

If you assume something is there you wouldn’t keep checking for it so letting go is an important step. In other words, a watched pot never boils. 

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Does it actually work?  

Embracing new assumptions about ourselves and our circumstances is a useful way to unlock our full potential. If you assume you have something subconsciously you will make room in your life for it.

While its effectiveness may vary from person to person, the principles of the Law of Assumption offer valuable insights into the relationship between ourselves and our beliefs.

Why not give it a shot and see for yourself? 

Words by Abby Sammon


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