Westlife reveal their secret to working so well together after 23 years


Think about your fave bands, how many of them are still together?

Westlife are an example of the few bands who have found the perfect recipe to find success, take an actual break, and then come back together better than ever, continuing to work seamlessly after 23 years!

Nicky shared what he thinks their secret to success is, “In any relationship, you have your ups and downs. But what has worked well, for us, I think was the break we had in 2012 for seven years.

“We all adopt these different things. And then the reunion you know, we also have to come back and give one more shot. And I think, since when you do something like this, since we’re 19, you love it. We’ve enjoyed every part, we’ve had ups and downs.

“We’ve had records that have done really well we’ve had, you know, some that haven’t done so well. And one of the big things was our family…and our children now coming through to see their daddy’s on stage. All those little nuggets and things that have happened through the years, I think have bought us really close together as much allies and friends and family in that respect.

“So that’s a special part, but then you’re always trying to make the next song better. You’re always trying to make the next album better. Obviously, the pandemic prove difficult for us, like everyone. We made an album from home with a mobile studio that travels around, which was interesting so that was obviously coming out in November.

“And it’s just all those little things that keep you keep going, like anything you’ve got to kind of dig deep and find new ways to make things special all the time.”

They really do seem to have it down to a fine art, and we are delighted because it means more Westlife enjoyment for us!

The lads have just announced a gig in the Aviva on July 8th 2022 which is very exciting after nearly 1000 days since their Croke Park gig in 2019.

We can’t wait to see the exciting future for the band!


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