“We listened very carefully to what they were showing us” Colin Farrell on the difficulties of filming his latest movie

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Colin Farrell has opened up about the ‘terrifying’ experience he had while filming latest movie ‘Thirteen Lives’.

The film retells the story of the 12 children found stranded inside a cave in Thailand back in 2018. The young football team and their coach became trapped inside a tight cave after it became flooded.

All those inside the cave were rescued after much planning, with sadly one rescuer losing their life. Now, Colin is starring alongside Viggo Mortensen, John Volanthen and Richard Stanton to bring the sensational story to the big screen.

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Filming the movie was as difficult as you can imagine, shares Colin, who is playing the role of a diver. Unable to swim himself, Colin and Viggo says that filming scenes took a lot of group effort to ensure that everyone was safe.

“Whenever you’re underwater (in) caves, it’s dangerous”

“So I think all the actors, we listened very carefully to what they were showing and telling us and watched what they did very carefully and everybody worked hard.”

“Everybody pulled together… and that reflected the real rescue and that it was a very selfless, team-oriented effort”

Adding, Colin said:

“They said you’ve done work with children… then you throw water into the mix as well, and I can’t really swim. It’s a different world beneath the surface of the water.”

“I just felt like I was one spoke of many in a story that was so multifaceted that the burden and also the honour, were one of the same and that was what we were telling.”

He continued: “I’ve done various things in my career but to be part of something that… in a time where the world seems to be living under greater and greater division, was really about these different people from different nationalities, different cultural backgrounds coming together for a common purpose, and one that was so terrifying, it was just a great gift.”

The film will be released this November.

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