We caught up with our three lovely brides for their first treatment at Dr. Emma’s clinic

It’s been one month since we met the three lucky brides-to-be who were chosen to receive a makeover at Dr Emma’s clinic.

Lauren, Katie and Lisa all came to Dr Emma with different concerns they were hoping to target, from fine lines and sun damage to acne scarring and migrated filler.

Each of them were given a treatment plan and a specialised skin care routine, with new products provided by Dr Emma.

This week we met up with the lovely ladies for their first treatment, and to see how they’ve been feeling since they started their journey.

Let’s take a look at how they’re getting on!


For her first treatment with Dr Emma, Lauren gets a BBL (BroadBand Light Laser). This is a non-invasive laser treatment that rejuvenates skin at a cellular level.

Dr Emma tells us that she chose this for Lauren because she suffers with some pigmentation, in particular superficial pigmentation on her cheeks.

“We believe that the BBL may be able to remove the pigmentation, to give Lauren that overall glow on her wedding day.”

The plan moving forward for Lauren is to restore a little bit of lost facial volume with dermal fillers. Dr Emma says they’ll add “just a sprinkle!” of anti wrinkle injections around Lauren’s forehead and eyes too.

After her treatment, Lauren tells us that she feels “amazing”, and that she’s very excited to have started her treatment. She also points out that since Dr Emma told her to increase her use of retinol, she’s seen a real difference in her skin.

“I’ve always loved skincare, but you know, you reach a limit” she laughs.

“It’s your face, so you need to feel relaxed…I know I’m in great hands.”


When Lisa comes into the clinic, she shares that she can “already see the difference” in her skin, thanks to the skincare regime Dr Emma prescribed.

For her first treatment, Lisa has a Hydrafacial.

Dr Emma tells us that this six step facial involves a gentle exfoliation with a glycolic and salicylic acid peel. Next is the extraction peel, which unclogs the pores without causing any trauma. This is followed by a dermal infusion of hyaluronic acid and skin health vitamins and minerals.

Then there is LED light therapy. Dr Emma uses a red light on Lisa for collagen stimulation and to reduce inflammation.

The treatment ends with a hydrating biocellulose sheet mask.

Lisa poses with what was extracted during her Hydrafacial!

She tells us that she’s feeling “really good” after the experience.

Dr Emma tells us the next step with Lisa is a little bit of anti-wrinkle treatment as she’s concerned with her forehead lines. They will also do some dissolving of previously done lip filler which has migrated to above the lip.

Dr Emma says that they may also then look at doing a lip flip for Lisa, to give her a “final oomph for her wedding!”.


Katie is also receiving a BBL to start off her journey.

The reason Dr Emma chose the BBL for Katie is that she has post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation as a result of years of suffering from acne. She also has some acne scarring and broken blood vessels.

Dr Emma is delighted with how Katie’s skin reacts to the first treatment. She tells us that they’ve seen an “amazing result” already, even managing to eradicate some visible blood vessels on Katie’s nose.

The next step for Katie is to concentrate a little more on her acne scarring, with a combination of needling and perhaps some skin boosters, or PRP (an injectable treatment for rejuvenating skin).

After the treatment, Katie is glowing.

She shares with us that she had actually been following Dr Emma for years before she won the makeover, and that she was in “total disbelief” when she heard she would be getting to visit the clinic and receive some treatments. She adds that she is “just so excited” to see the results.

With their already incredible progress, we can’t wait to see how these brides-to-be will be feeling at their next session!

See more of their first treatment at Dr Emma’s clinic here:


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