WATCH! Hilarious video of rugby star Iain Henderson being mocked as he sleeps

Poor Iain can't even have a nap in peace...

Iain when he's NOT passed out...
Iain when he’s NOT passed out…

It must be pretty tiring work, taking part in a Rugby World Cup, but if you decide to go for a little sneaky nap your teammates will NOT let you go in peace – as poor Iain Henderson has found out the hard way.

Fellow rugger star Paddy Jackson put on his very best David Attenborough voice to take the mickey out of sleeping beauty Iain, posting the video to his Instagram account and attracting thousands of likes.

Sneaky teammate Paddy Jackson...
Sneaky teammate Paddy Jackson…

The mock-nature documentary was simply entitled ‘An amazing creature’. Iain was previously quoted as being “capable of napping anywhere, anytime, and quietly proud of that fact”, and VIP Towers fully supports him and his love of catching some Z’s!

Watch the clip here:

An amazing creature

A video posted by Paddy Jackson (@pjackson10) on


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