Vogue Williams speaks out against trolls leaving “awful” comments

Working in the world of social media comes with many perks, but it also has some major downsides. For women especially, everything we do is critiqued, nobody more so than a new Mum.

Vogue Williams dealt with lots of online trolls recently regarding her decision to return to her radio shoe after her little girl, Gigi Margaux, was born. The star was quick to clap back at those criticising her as the show is only a few hours each week.

Now, she has had to face more online haters who are commenting on her body post-birth.


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With her tanning range, Bare by Vogue, she frequently shares tutorials on her Instagram page with tips and tricks on how to apply. Sharing one recently, where she is in a bikini, followers had a lot to say on how she looks post partum.

Many were quick to be sarcastic and nasty about how she could possibly look so good just six weeks after giving birth.

Vogue is never one to take this type of criticism lying down and often speaks out about the online negativity she receives. In an Instagram post she said; “There is no secret! I got a lot of comments and mails about the video I posted the other day.”

“Mainly positive but my god there were some awful ones! I hate the term ‘snapping back’ it’s not something I aspire to do after having a child nor do I think it’s important.”

“My body is different to other people’s, I didn’t do anything specific. I’ve only recently started training again, 4 times a week for 45 minutes a session.”

“I try to eat healthily but I have not cut calories and eat a lot more than usual as I’m breastfeeding and it’s important to keep calories up so you have a good milk supply,” she continued.

“I trained the whole way throughout my pregnancy and I think that is a factor in the way I look now. I’m also VERY tall so there’s a lot more room for a baby. I’ve trained since I was 16, for me it’s a great thing not only for my body but for my mind too.”

“At the moment I feel permanently exhausted but training gives me energy and keeps my hormones under more control (they are still all over the place a little as with any new mother).”

“I didn’t post that video to show off my body. I have always done tan tutorials, I don’t feel the need to hide my body because as I’ve read ‘it’s unrealistic 6 weeks PP’.”

“What should a body look like after a baby? There isn’t a set way it should look.”

“I don’t want anyone to feel bad about their bodies and I certainly don’t want to be made feel bad about my own.”

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