Vogue Williams speaks out about crippling anxiety from her divorce

Pic: Instagram/Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams revealed on her husband’s podcast that her divorce from Brian McFadden in 2017 caused her some major anxiety.

She suffered with bad stomach pains and was unable to sleep as a result and was forced to go down the medication route to try and help her anxiety symtoms.

The Irish star mentions how embarrassed she was to be taking medication in the beginning, but continued once she realised they could calm her mind enough to solve the root of her problems – the divorce.

Spencer Matthews spoke to her live on his podcast, Big Fish, asking her: “What would you say was the driver for your anxiety?”

“Going through a marriage break-up definitely was the driver of that,” Vogue stated “I’d get really bad stomach pains like butterflies in your stomach.

“The sleep thing was the worst because you wouldn’t be able to sleep, which then just fuels the anxiety even worse the next day.”

“What eventually helped me was I actually went on tablets for it. I went on propranolol.”

She unfortunately felt embarrassed initially to be taking any medication due to the severe stigma surrounding mental health but she added: ““They’re not for everyone, because mine were real physical symptoms.”

“Mine were really like, I’d have clenched hands, I’d grind my teeth really badly at night.

Pic: Instagram/Spencer Matthews

“I’d feel sick in my stomach, I wouldn’t be able to sleep. And then those would kind of stop all those feelings. I wouldn’t be clenching my hands, my heart wouldn’t be racing so much.”

Vogue mentions eventually sPeaking to a therapist where she got to focus on the actual problem, which now has her in a good posiiton in her life.

Vogue and Brian began dating in 2011 and married a year later but ultimately announced their split in 2015.

Their divorce was finalised after two years in 2017.

She married Spencer Matthews in 2018 and has welcomed three children with him – Theodore, Otto and Gigi.

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