Vogue Williams shares adorable update on her children saying they are “best friends”

Vogue Williams
Pic: Instagram / Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams is expecting her third child very soon and has given followers an update on her other two little ones before the bub arrives.

Posting a sweet snap of Theodore and Gigi playing on swings, she wrote, “They really are mad about each other, best pals already. Obviously they fight, Gigi likes to take the odd nibble out of T and very much enjoys pulling his hair but they play together all the time, a third little pal for their gang arriving soon.

“Writing this at 8.30pm wondering if it’s acceptable to go asleep because as cute as they are they have me WRECKED!”

Vogue Williams
Pic: Instagram/ Vogue Williams

As her due date approaches Vogue has recently revealed that she will be without her husband Spencer Matthews for five weeks shortly after her new son is born.

The couple revealed on their Spencer & Vogue podcast how her hubby would be leaving two weeks after she’s given birth.

Bringing the subject up, Vogue asked Spencer, “Do you think you’ll feel bad when you’re dumping me as soon as the baby is born?”

vogue williams
Pic: Instagram/Vogue Williams

Spencer replied, “Yeah, of course, I will.”

Although there was no word on why he has to go, Vogue did share that it’s something exciting. Saying, “Spenny is going away. In fairness, it’s an amazing thing he’s doing.”

“But, he has to go away two weeks after our third child is born. And he’s leaving me for up to five weeks.”

Luckily the presenter won’t be all alone, as her sister Amber will be moving in while Spenny is away. As Vogue said, “Amber has to now live with us until the end of May.

Amber is very helpful with the kids, and it’ll be nice having someone around.”


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