Vogue Williams pulls hilarious April Fools’ joke on followers

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Vogue Williams is the Queen of fake tan, with her brand Bare By Vogue being a bestseller with a cult following. And now even more people will be able to enjoy it as Vogue is launching a new product line, BareBabies, to ensure tiny tots can still get a perfect summer glow.

…well at least she pretended to be launching the line, tricking fans with a hilarious April Fool’s joke.

The Bare By Vogue Instagram page launched their new product, saying: “NEW KIDS SELF TAN LOTION”

“Super easy to apply and full of skin loving ingredients to keep your precious little ones glowing all year round. Develops in 4-8 hours for the most natural sun kissed glow without the worry of harmful UV rays. Shop now and get your kids summer ready.”


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But rest assured, Vogue isn’t planning on releasing any junior range of fake tan.

Revealing her trick to followers, Vogue took to Instagram, saying: “Happy April Fool’s Day!”

“So I just wanted to let you know that, Bare By Vogue will not be creating a fake tan for kids. It is never going to be on our agenda, and I would suggest you don’t put fake tan on your kids.”

It seems not everyone picked up on the fact it was a joke, with the model taking time to apologise to those who were offend by the fake project.


“To everyone that I really deeply offended yesterday, honestly I nearly cracked, I nearly gave in and explained that it was a joke, but I’m really sorry. It was for April Fool’s,” Vogue apologised.

The post went up yesterday, on the 31st of March, which may be why some people didn’t realise it was a prank.

With Vogue explaining that even some of her family believed it. Sharing: “We just felt if we went the day before, it would get more people. And it actually got my mother, and it got my sister as well. So on that note I think we did well for April Fool’s Day.”

“But, yeah, there’s no Bare By Vogue self tan for kids, don’t worry, we’re not doing that.”

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