Vogue Williams opens up about suffering with anxiety: “It can just come from nowhere.”

The 31-year-old has spoken out about her mental health struggles.

Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams has opened up about suffering with anxiety and the steps she has taken to improve the condition.

The DJ has suffered with the condition for years and used to find that it held her back in her professional and personal life, but now she has found remedies to help her cope with her anxiety and as a result, it has lessened greatly.

“Even my anxiety is better,” she told Life magazine. “It has lessened. I got a little bit of help because I take beta blockers now. They mask the physical symptoms of anxiety; the heart racing, the horrible feeling in your stomach, the fear, basically.

“My anxiety can just come out of nowhere; it’s been really good the past few months, I think exercise helps and finding the balance, and I’m feeling much happier within myself,” she continued.

“In my life it can get a bit lonely when you’re not going out with someone and you’re working all the time, but I’ve come to realise I’ve such great family and  great friends and that’s a brilliant realisation.

“I feel happy most days, and it’s amazing to be in that place.”

Vogue split from hubby Brian last year.
Vogue split from hubby Brian last year.

Vogue has also admitted her relationship with ex-Brian McFadden took some of the focus away from her professional career, and when questioned on the split she refused to comment on it as it would, once again, avert the attention away from her successes.

“Im definitely not talking about him in this interview because we are taking it away from that and taking it on to me.” she said.

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