Vogue Williams: “My family drive Brian mad!”

The tv star says the constant chatter among the ladies in her clan does not go down well with her husband

Brian isn't a fan of the chatter in Vogue's family household!
Brian isn’t a fan of the chatter in Vogue’s family household!

Vogue McFadden has revealed that the women in her family drive her husband Brian McFadden mad when they all get together.

While the tv star flew home to Dublin recently for her sister Amber’s birthday, her other half opted to stay in the UK.

Writing on her blog for Hello, the model said: “It was my sister’s 32nd birthday on Sunday so the whole family went out”.

However, one person who chose not to make an appearance was her ex-Westlife member husband Brian.

The tv babe was home to celebrate her sister's birthday recently
The tv babe was home to celebrate her sister’s birthday recently

“I think when all the girls in my family get together it drives Brian mad anyway because we all have about 15 conversations at a time, but that’s what all girls do anyway,” Vogue admitted.

It wasn’t as bad as it sounds though as Brian was actually tied up filming at the same time – we’re sure otherwise he would have been there for the family do.

The couple recently found their love life in the spotlight when Vogue blocked Brian from her Twitter and he openly shared it with his fans.

Brian and Vogue fight like brother and sister apparently!
Brian and Vogue fight like brother and sister apparently!

The move had fans asking questions, but it was all fun and games and the Fade Street star told TvNow Magazine that the pair “fight like brother and sister” and it was nothing serious.

“I block Brian on a daily basis. He gets so annoyed about it and it’s the funniest thing to do,” Vogue said.

“I have blocked him, and then he blocks me back, and then he tweeted that I blocked him. So we’re really nice and immature like that. That’s sort of the way our arguments go!”

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