Vogue Williams – “Brian and I fight like brother and sister”

The tv star has opened up about her and husband Brian McFadden's "immature" arguments

The pair fight like siblings, apparently!
The pair fight like siblings, apparently!

Brian McFadden raised some eyebrows recently when he announced his wife Vogue Williams had blocked him from Twitter after an argument, but the tv star has revealed that this happens between the pair on a daily basis.

The Bear Grylls: Mission Survive winner admitted that the pair are “immature” with one another, and often have the kind of fights that siblings have.

In an interview with this week’s TVNow, she revealed: “I block Brian on a daily basis. He gets so annoyed about it and it’s the funniest thing to do. I have blocked him, and then he blocks me back, and then he tweeted that I blocked him. So we’re really nice and immature like that. That’s sort of the way our arguments go.”

When pressed on whether she really was annoyed that her hubby had posted a hungover picture of her on his profile – the root of the particular spat in question – she said: “No, I thought it was really funny. Maybe if it was a big serious fight I’d be annoyed.

The incriminating photo Brian posted...
The incriminating photo Brian posted…


“We don’t have massive fights, we just have a little niggle with each other, and will maybe not speak to each other for a couple of hours. Then the fight is over.”

She added that when they do argue, it tends to be over the ex-Westlife star not pulling his weight in doing the housework.

“It’ll be about Brian being a bit lazy around the house and then we get over it pretty quickly – it’s like brother and sister fights,” she told TVNow.

Vogue also chatted about the infamous moment on Mission Survive, when she drank her own urine on screen, admitting she begged Bear Grylls not to make her do it.

“First of all I said to Bear, ‘Listen Bear, I’m from Ireland they will never let me live this down.’ He’s like ‘No no no no they’re going to think you’re amazing.’ I said ‘You’ve obviously never been to Ireland, we love slagging each other – they will never let me live this down and will literally take the piss out of me for the rest of my life.’

“I’ve gotten my fair share of abuse since. But it’s hilarious to watch. I hope they make the people in the second series do it. You’re out there to survive, and if it was real survival experience you would have to do it.”

This week's TVNow is out in shops now!
This week’s TVNow is out in shops now!

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