Vogue Williams asks fellow parents for advice after ‘bedtime nightmare’

Pic: Instagram/Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams is reaching out to fellow parents for advice on how she can settle her daughter Gigi at bedtime.

Taking to Instagram, Vogue posted how Gigi, who’s just turned two, is ‘so sweet’ but simply won’t sleep through the night for her.

“My beautiful girl. So sweet but also now a nightmare at bedtime,” Vogue wrote with a cute snap of the toddler.

Going into detail about her issue, Vogue continued:

“She keeps waking all night saying she’s hungry, we’ll she says that anytime we put her for a nap or bedtime even though she’s had a huge meal. I’m already in bed hoping she won’t wake four times again tonight.”

Continuing on, Vogue keeps things real by saying that life with both a restless toddler and a newborn means she doesn’t get a lot of sleep herself.

“That along with Otto has given me some absolutely stunning eye bags! Sending all the love to the sleep-deprived parents out there”

Instagram/Vogue Williams

Finally reaching out to other parents who may have some helpful advice for her with Gigi, she added:

“Also any bedtime tips for my once brilliant sleeper are very much welcome?”

In the comments section some parents shared their helpful tips, with one writing:

“My middle child did this when I had my 3rd baby. Its usually a bit of separation anxiety and because they see the baby sleeps in your room with you. I offered a sip if water and a cuddle and after about a week it stopped.”

While another commented: “Banana and warm milk just before bed. Potassium in banana helps sleep and a warm milky or malt-based drinks makes you tired.”

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