Vogue Williams And Joanne McNally reveal they plan to go on tour next year

My therapist ghosted me
Pic: Instagram/RTE

Love My Therapist Ghosted Me? Now you’ll be able to see it live!

Yep, your fave podcast hosts are planning to head out on the road next year and bring their fans the content they love in their home cities.

Appearing on The Tommy Tiernan Show on Saturday night the pair revealed their plans for their popular podcast in the future.

“We’re supposed to be going on tour with the podcast next year,” Joanne said.

Joanne McNally

“I think I did well out of lockdown really, as in before lockdown I was just gigging, I wasn’t doing podcasts, so I was only recruiting people through gigs, which is very time consuming.

“So then when the lockdown started, I had to pivot into something else and then we did the podcast,” she continued.

The pair have mentioned a possible live tour on the podcast, but raised concerns that they wouldn’t be able to edit their conversations and filter what is said when it’s live.

When Tommy Teirnan admitted he thought the show was “wild”, Joanne said their episodes get a “heavy edit”, their live shows might even be more hilarious tbh…

Vogue Williams
Pic: Instagram/Vogue Williams

Vogue also recently mentioned that she doesn’t plan on taking any time off from the podcast after she gives birth to her third child, admitting she enjoys the pod so much that it doesn’t feel like work. Which is great news for the fans!

As her due date approaches Vogue has recently revealed that she will be without her husband Spencer Matthews for five weeks shortly after her new son is born.

The couple revealed on their own podcast, Spencer & Vogue how her hubby would be leaving two weeks after she’s given birth.

Bringing the subject up, Vogue asked Spencer, “Do you think you’ll feel bad when you’re dumping me as soon as the baby is born?”

vogue williams
Pic: Instagram/Vogue Williams

Spencer replied, “Yeah, of course, I will.”

Although there was no word on why he has to go, Vogue did share that it’s something exciting. Saying, “Spenny is going away. In fairness, it’s an amazing thing he’s doing.”

“But, he has to go away two weeks after our third child is born. And he’s leaving me for up to five weeks.”

Luckily the presenter won’t be all alone, as her sister Amber will be moving in while Spenny is away. As Vogue said, “Amber has to now live with us until the end of May.

Amber is very helpful with the kids, and it’ll be nice having someone around.”


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