60 per cent of parents are concerned about their child’s immunity going back to school in new study by VIVIO® Junior

The weather is turning colder and our tiny tots are back in school. This means that they are at an even higher risk of catching something nasty.

In fact, 60 per cent of parents are concerned about their child’s immunity going back to school.

A new study by VIVIO® Junior found that one of their main worries is their children’s diet.

46 per cent of parents describe their children as fussy eaters, leading to concerns from 48 per cent that they aren’t getting enough vitamins from diet alone. While almost one-third of parents surveyed admit not knowing how to improve their child’s gut health.

That’s where VIVIO® Junior steps in with a range of supplements and a natural cough syrup to set your little one up for the school year in the best way.

Louise Lennox, Chef and children’s fussy eating expert explains: “As a mother and a chef, my children’s nutritional health is of the utmost importance to me. My own son became a fussy eater almost overnight, so I wholly understand the importance of getting the right nutrients into growing children.

“In my role as a certified children’s fussy eating therapist, I continuously see the struggle parents have in getting their children to have a healthy relationship with food.”

She has shared her top tips for parents in encouraging a well-rounded diet for children:

1. Set a clear routine with a regular eating schedule. This should help behaviour, reduce anxiety and improve appetite.
2. Add a multivitamin to your child’s routine. Incorporate them with breakfast as children usually have a much better appetite when they wake after a good night’s sleep making them more motivated to eat.
3. Get children involved. Let them choose their own lunchbox and help to pack it for the day ahead. Use colourful silicone cupcake cases as fun dividers for food.
4. Most children love to snack on bread and crackers. Offer them different types of these including wholemeal varieties to avoid food burnout.

Whether your little ones need nutritional support going back to school, natural protection for any niggling coughs during winter or digestive and immune support throughout the year, VIVIO® Junior has you covered with a range encompassing VIVIO® Junior Multivitamin Tonic (€12.50), VIVIO® Junior Tummies Live Bacteria (€7.60) and VIVIO® Junior Natural Cough Syrup (€9.95).

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