How to make the viral orange garland

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As December gets closer, we’ve started to think more about how we’ll be decorating our homes this Christmas.

And while there’s plenty of gorgeous bits in the shops that can help spruce up your gaff, there’s something really special about handmade decorations.

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This year, people have been going wild for one piece of DIY Christmas decor in particular – orange garlands!

These beautiful hanging decorations are super simple to create, and make for an eye catching and Christmassy display.

Here’s how to make your very own orange garland!


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Step 1. Preheat the oven on a low heat, around 120 degrees celsius.

Step 2. Cut your orange into round slices, about 1-2cm thick.

Step 3. Pat them dry and place them onto a rack instead of a baking tray, so they don’t stick or burn.

Step 4. Put them into the oven for roughly 3 hours, turning them occasionally until they are fully dry.

Step 5. When they’re dry, take them out and leave them for 24 hours so that they continue to dry out further.

Step 6. When your oranges are ready to go, use a needle to thread yarn or string through them for hanging. At this point you can take some creative liberties – you might add ribbons or beads, hang them in rows or as a banner, or even attach them to gifts!

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Important things to remember:

Check on your oranges frequently while baking. Depending on the thickness they might burn quite quickly!

You may want to open the oven door from time to time to let out steam.

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Though they’ll smell delicious while cooking, dried orange slices shouldn’t be fragrant or sticky when you’re using them.

If there’s any moisture left, they can mould or attract fruit flies (gross), so make sure that your orange slices are completely and totally dried out.

Et voila! You’ve got a pretty orange garland to admire over Christmas, and it’s all thanks to you.


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