Victoria Smurfit reveals plans to leave US following gunman at her kids’ school

Victoria Smurfit
Victoria Smurfit

Victoria Smurift has revealed that she is set to leave the US following a shooting scare at her children’s school.

The actress explained that she had planned to leave America for some time but that this incident has prompted her even more so.

Two of her three children Evie and Ridley were in school last week when an ex-student threatening to open fire on the school.

“I was about two hours north of LA about to shoot a short film when I got a text from Evie saying ‘We’re in lock-down, please don’t call me’. I just said ‘is it real?’” she told Ray D’Arcy.

“She said yes, and all I could do in the most helpless moment ever was say ‘hide baby, hide’ and for an hour I didn’t know what on earth was happening and both girls were in the school. You can’t contact them, you can’t call the school, because the phonelines are locked down” she explained.

Victoria Smurfit & Daughter at Late Late Show

“Apparently it was an ex-student who’d been expelled. They’d been arguing with someone on text, and thankfully the kid showed it to the principal. The text said he was treating to come to the school and shoot us all.”

The school then went on lockdown and alarms signalled for the children to hide in designated spots, while police came and arrested the gunman.

“There is a terrible helplessness. I don’t wish it on anybody,” she said.

“There’s the fallout then. They’re scared. They’re actually not going to go into school today. I’m going to let them work from home… I thought I’d give them a day at home to calm them down and then they can crack on, as we do.”

The actress explained how scares like this are unfortunately a normal part of American life.

“Part of living at home [in Ireland] is you’re going to get wet, you’ll play rugby and you’re going to get muddy, and part it here is they learn to do shooter drills. It’s just something they do because it’s real here whether you like it or not.”

The star and her family are now set to move to the UK. She stressed that there was a number of reasons for the move.

“It’s just time really, the kids are getting older and we miss our family, we just really miss family. but having a gunman outside your kids school is the icing on the cake really.” she said.

Earlier this week, the Once upon a Time star opened up about the incident on Instagram.

“We’re all a scrappy wreck because today a lunatic decided to wander down the kids school road threatening to shot people,” she said alongside a photo with her children.

She praised those who helped her during the stressful time. “The school was amazing and had a lock down. My babies are terrified. I was terrified. Left a supportive and kind shoot @elizabeth_b_t to get to them. My great buddy @keithfreedomfilms rallied. Picked them up as I travelled.”

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“There are a lot of reasons why am leaving LA but this wasn’t one. Til today. Too close. But still so grateful to be able to walk the bluffs to clear the heads of my tiny people I love. If you need me I ll be drinking wine and having an over dramatic sob of gratitude.” she said.


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