Una Foden opens up about her experience on anti-depressants

The singer's doctor prescribed her anti-depressants after she gave birth to her second child.

Una took on too much too soon.
Una took on too much, too soon.

Una Foden has opened up about her experience going on anti-depressants after the birth of her second child.

The Saturdays singer welcomed her second child into the world in February of last year, but she was unable to take take sufficient time off to rest and recover due to work commitments with The Voice.

Getting straight back to work so soon after giving birth proved very hard for Una and she’s now admitted that it really effected her wellbeing.

“I was doing too much, too soon and even though I loved my time on The Voice, beneath it all, I was struggling,” she told the Irish Daily Mail’s You magazine.

“For any woman to go back to work that soon is hard, but in this industry when there’s an opportunity, it’s difficult to pass it up. I wasn’t feeling myself, I was exhausted and overwhelmed.”

Una's beautiful children.
Una’s beautiful children.

When the 35-year-old went to her GP and explained her symptoms, she was prescribed anti-depressants, which she believes only made her feel worse.

“I went on them (anti-depressants) for a bit and actually felt worse,” she said. “I didn’t feel happy or sad, I just felt numb. I didn’t like that at all.

“I had never needed that help before – I suffer a little from anxiety because I’m passionate and I worry about stuff, but I’d never felt depressed.”

The singer is currently working at a pace that suits her and is preparing for the release of her first solo album, The Waiting Game.



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