Tracy Clifford opens up about her experience with endometriosis

Pic: Instagram/Tracy Clifford

Tracy Clifford is speaking about her experience with endometriosis in the hopes of encouraging other women to find out if they have the condition.

Endometriosis is a condition where tissue similar to the lining of the womb starts to grow in other places.

For example, this could be the in ovaries, the lining of the tummy or in the fallopian tubes.

Appearing on RTÉ Radio 1’s Sunday with Miriam, the RTÉ 2FM presenter told Miriam that after years of fertility difficulties, she learned that she had “silent endometriosis”.


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“It’s not silent, though. Like, we’re calling it silent endometriosis,” she explained.

“It means you’re not in screaming pain every month. It’s very loud, it’s affecting your fertility.

“Through my research, I discovered that 47% of people who have unsuccessful fertility journeys, it’s endometriosis. People think you have to be in pain, and you really don’t.

“It’s completely nuanced, really. There’s so many different areas and levels of endometriosis that we just don’t know about,” she added.

Pic: Instagram/Tracy Clifford

Tracy first opened up about her story last year which led to many women reaching out to the presenter and sharing their own stories.

The broadcaster is now also encouraging people to join the Endometriosis Association of Ireland.

“If I could help somebody today talking about fertility or endometriosis and how painful it is and how we need more information in our healthcare system and how we need to talk about it more.

“And maybe, you know, if somebody’s going through a journey and they’re not being successful, maybe endometriosis – that could be one of the issues,” she added.


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