Tony Tormey reveals how he nearly didn’t get the role as Paul Brennan in Fair City

The stage manager of the show said to him, "You’re Tony? Sorry you didn’t make it."

Paul Fair City

Tony Tormey has revealed that he very nearly missed out on being cast as Paul Brennan in Fair City.

The actor appeared on The Ray D’Arcy Show on Saturday night along with co-stars, Bryan Murray and Rebecca Grimes to mark Fair City’s recent 4,000th episode.

While chatting to Ray about how he started acting on the show, Tony revealed that if it wasn’t  for a chance encounter with the stage manager of the show on the bus, he mightn’t be the face the notorious lothario we know today.

“When it started, I got a call from my agent saying there was an audition for an urban drama, it wasn’t called Fair City at at the time and I went and auditioned and it took the whole entire day.” he told Ray.

“If you were any good they kept you on and if you weren’t you were told to go home. At about four o’clock I went back in again and it was my fifth or sixth time going back in and I came out and the stage manager came over to me and he says ‘You’re Tony? Sorry you didn’t make it’,” he continued.

”So I went off to get the number 10 bus home, but then I heard footsteps running after me and it was the stage manager again and he goes ‘You’re Tony Tormey yeah?Damn it I’ve sent the wrong man home so, come back.”

Paul's the show's resident Lothario
Paul’s the show’s resident Lothario

Tony admitted that if it wasn’t for the stage manager catching him on the bus he doesn’t know what he’d be doing today.

“So if it wasn’t for him and the number 10 bus, God knows what i’d be doing now.” he said.

We couldn’t imagine anyone other than Tony playing the role of Paul!

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