Tommy Tiernan reveals how he’s finding lockdown: “I found myself getting quite angry.”

Tommy Tiernan has revealed in a recent interview that her is a “completely different person” now compared to ten years ago.

The popular Irish comedian was being interviewed by Sile Seoige on he podcast Ready to be Real. Whilst on the show they delved into many different topics including his work, his relationship with his wife as well as his mental health.

He revealed to Sile that his mental health has improved as he’s got older;

“I’m 50 and I’ve been thinking a lot about death, about time and the awareness that I could die tomorrow and if I was to die tomorrow what notions would I have of my life.”

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Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic they were unable to record this podcast in studio and had to do it remotely; “instead of sitting face to face with someone, we recorded it online but despite not being able to see Tommy, it’s a conversation that will stay with me for a very long time.”

They discussed many topics and “he shares his thoughts on the Coronavirus situation we’re in, he also talks about his interest in religion and philosophy, his experience of meditation and his love of strong coffee!”

Speaking to the comedian about how he’s handling lockdown it seems he’s having good days and bad days like the rest of us; “I was in an awful mood this morning and yesterday. I found myself getting quite angry.”

He also revealed how he and his wife were getting on together in isolation; “Personally for myself and my wife its a reminder that we’re able to live together. That it’s actually it’s good, it’s fine, we get on very well together.”

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