Tommy Bowe says family comes before anything as he juggles packed work schedule

Pic: Brian McEvoy

Tommy Bowe is in flying form as VIP Magazine catch up with him at Virgin Media Autumn/Winter launch this week.

We’re not sure we would be so bubbly after such an early start as the Ireland AM presenter. But he’s used to these 5am starts.

“I’m very fortunate, I get to miss the morning rush of getting the kids packed up and off to school!” he jokes as we chat about the back-to-school rush.

Tommy is a proud father to six-year-old Emma and three-year-old Jamie with his wife, Lucy Whitehouse.

Pic: Brian McEvoy

Despite his jokes about missing the morning rush, Tommy makes it clear that his family is his top priority.

“I try to get home to pick up the kids,” he explains. Imagine seeing Tommy Bowe at the school gates!

He’s all praise for the upcoming documentaries on Virgin Media, so we ask would he be interested in trying his hand at some again.

“I’ve done a number of documentaries in the past, around sport and around business. I really love doing them. But they take up an awful lot of time,” he says simply.


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“At the minute, with a young family, with the morning telly, with a lot of rugby going on and a bit of business my schedule is pretty action-packed as it is.”

His family is based in Belfast, so he commutes to and fro. When he gets home he can’t just turn off he has his own homework to do for the next morning on Ireland AM.

“That’s the hardest part of it. There’s a lot of prep work involved. I have a lot of other stuff as well,” he admits.

“I have a clothing and footwear brand as well, I try to get a lot of that stuff done in the afternoon. I try to get home to pick up the kids. And now there’s rugby at the weekend. But it’s that routine that I really thrive on.”


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You would be forgiven for thinking that he wouldn’t be hands-on when it comes to homework. He has already admitted that school wasn’t his forté back in his youth. But he is happy to sit down to help his little ones.

“We’re still at the early stages of homework! Between me and my wife, it’s a team effort!” he laughs.

His schedule is already jampacked but he’ll also be working on the Rugby World Cup.

“Rugby World Cup, that’s what’s next! It’s going to be starting in the next few weeks. Between that and Ireland AM, I have a lot going on. It’s all go!” he laughs.

Pic: Brian McEvoy

When does Tommy Bowe sleep?!

You can catch Tommy with Muireann O’Connell and Alan Hughes Monday to Thursday waking up the nation on Ireland AM on Virgin Media One.

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