Throwback! When VIP got up close & personal with rugby hunk Tommy Bowe

We met him for an exclusive photoshoot in 2012

"NO REPRO FEE"2/4/2012.RBS 6 Nation Championship t

We all know Tommy Bowe for being a top Irish rugby player – and one that has consistently topped various Sexiest Man in Ireland polls – but did you know that back in 2012 he tried to make it as a fashion designer!?

Well….kind of. When VIP met the hunky sports star for an exclusive shoot, he was in the process of launching his very own shoes with Lloyd & Pierce, entitled ‘The Tommy Bowe Collection’. A man of many talents, eh?

We caught up with the Monaghan native, and he chatted candidly about living his relationship with now-wife Lucy Whitehouse under the microscope of the media, what inspires him in life and what he gets up to off the pitch.

"NO REPRO FEE"2/4/2012.RBS 6 Nation Championship t

Here’s some of the highlights from the interview – and check out our gallery of pics, showing Tommy looking very handsome indeed.

VIP: Do you find it odd that there’s so much interest in your love life?

T-Bowe: Whenever I come back to Ireland, I’m slightly thrown into the spotlight, whereas in Wales (Lucy’s home), there has never been any great interest in myself and Lucy. It is very strange. I think Lucy finds it particularly strange because she’s not used to it at all. But I don’t think we’ll get caught up in it to be honest.

"NO REPRO FEE"2/4/2012.RBS 6 Nation Championship t

VIP: So you won’t be turning into the Irish Posh & Becks?!

T-Bowe: Certainly not! I treat it all as a bit tongue in cheek.

VIP: Are you expecting it to be a little scary when you move back withy her full time here, with all the media interest?

T-Bowe: I hope it won’t be! I find even answering questions about it to be scary! I don’t think we’ll be going out of our way to get any extra publicity. It’s fairly low key over in Wales and that’s the way we’re planning on keeping it here.

Don’t miss – Tommy Bowe’s wedding pics to gorgeous Lucy Whitehouse.

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