Things You Didn’t Know About Hozier…

We found out some random facts about the country's musician of the moment!


He’s the man of the hour, still, isn’t he really? It’s been a prettyyyy good year for the Bray singer, and it seems to continuously be improving – what with been recently nominated for FIVE US Billboard Music Awards and all that jazz.

What we already know about Hozier: he produces impossibly catchy choons, has ah-mazing hair, he’s only 25 (say whaaat) and he has some very famous fans, including Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift.

But what don’t you know about him? Read on to find out….

His fave place in Dublin

The musician says he loves to visit Trinity College Library when strolling around our fair city, and adds “the Book Of Kells is always a good shout”. Sigh, he’s so cultured. Most fellas we know will say Coppers is their top spot.

He wants to learn even more instruments

Being a kick-ass vocalist, guitarist, bass guitarist, synthesizer & piano player and songwriter isn’t enough for our Hozier, bless him. He admits he also wants to learn how to play the cello or the harp, and if he had more time, he would “also love to be better at piano”. Oh yeah, ‘cos you’re useless now. *Tuts*.

How he likes his eggs

“With a kiss”, he cheekily says, referring to the classic Dean Martin hit. Well… we’re happy to oblige with that one. Although we like ours scrambled with some crispy bacon please – if you could combine the two, that’d be great Hozier, cheers!

He’s a secret gangsta?

Watch out Kanye…. Hozier’s a-comin’. He says that in his spare time he likes to indulge in a bit of rapping – albeit in the style of Victorian English. “The road is a strange place,” he attempts to explain.

His preference in time travel

What would Hozier choose, traveling to the past or the future? The world needs to know! “To the future when I’m 961 years old and the last man on earth,” he says, adding that he’d take a day off. Well, that clears that up then!

What he would be if he wasn’t being a legend on stage

An anthropologist or a psychologist, he says. Ooh, fancy.

His favourite book?


Are the rumours of him being Irish Jesus true!?

Sadly no, he says. But he says there are clones of him, and after this album cycle, “only one can live”. Mmkay then.

What his super power would be

“I’ve given this much thought,” he says. “Teleportation. Time and money saved. Wanna go to the moon? Boom. There.”

How he takes his coffee

“Black…Like my sense of humour,” he says, confirming he’s the coolest man in the world.


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