The VIP List: Here’s what we’re loving this week

We’re in the full Christmas mood here at VIP HQ!

Really, there isn’t anything we don’t love right now. So here’s what we’re all loving this week…

Head of Digital Jade is loving… Karaoke

‘Tis the season, after all.

Name a more cleansing experience than shouting some words in a dark room with your pals and a few wines. You can’t.

This week, Team VIP did some karaoke, and it was liberating. Give me a mic, some sauv blanc, and Rock DJ, and you won’t get me out of the place.

Digital Editor Bronwyn is loving…Baileys

I told you, we’re in the full Christmas spirit here at VIP!

And what says Christmas more than Baileys? After years of avoiding the tipple, I am a full convert after heading to the Baileys Treat Bar at Bewley’s in Dublin City.

I would highly recommend a visit!

Head of Digital Jade is loving… Festive chocolate

Christmas is almost here, and with it comes an abundance of advent calendars – a lot of them beauty focused, most of them extremely expensive.

But what if there was an advent calendar that wouldn’t break the bank, was entirely delicious, and also pretty informative?

Enter Tony’s Chocolonely’s Big Tiny Countdown calendar, containing lots tasty little chocolates, as well as some harsh truths about the chocolate industry.

The calendar is currently out of stock, but you can have a look at the rest of Tony’s delicious chocolate range here!

Digital Editor Bronwyn is loving…Cheesy Christmas jumpers

Say what you want about Christmas jumpers, but I think that Christmas is the time of year that you can be cheesy and silly and fun!

So I was delighted to receive a dreamy package of Red Bull which included a very comfy and cosy Christmas jumper that I am proudly wearing all the time!

What’s your favourite Christmas jumper?

Commercial & Events Director Rebecca is loving…John Frieda ProFiller+

John Frieda is a go-to haircare brand for me. I was so excited to find out about the latest product range, ProFiller+.

The range includes shampoo and conditioner which I am obsessed with now as it makes my hair look absolutely gorgeous. My hair already looks more full and boosted!

The products are available in McCauley Health and Beauty Pharmacys and Chemist Warehouse Nationwide.

Digital Editor Bronwyn is loving…Collagen

6 month usage – online and social from date of shoot

We all need a little bit of help to make our skin glow! And collagen has quickly become my go-to product.

I am in love with Collagen Plus from Dr Doireann O’Leary’s Supplements Made Simple. It helps not only my skin but my nails and my hair as well.

These collagen supplements have quickly become a part of my morning routine. TheS upplements Made Simple range is available in pharmacies nationwide and online.


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