The VIP List: Here’s what we’re loving this week

Easter is just around the corner and we are already thinking about all the Easter eggs we’ll be eating this weekend.

Just us?

Well, worry not because there are plenty of other bits we’re loving here at VIP HQ!

Head of Digital Jade is loving… Lynx (yes, really)

@stellarmagazineThrowback to buying a bottle of lynx age 15 so everyone would think you had a boyfriend x♬ Kiss it better x Love – notforall

Gone are the days of teenage boys smelling like a genuine pharmacy and those questionable TV ads, Lynx has had a bit of a glow up and recently launched five new fragrances.

And guys, they’re actually unreal.

More mature scents, less unnecessary intensity, and fragrances that rival far more expensive brands, the new range is taking me right back to my wear-mens-deodorant-so-everyone-thinks-you-have-a-boyfriend days. In the best way.

I even did a smell test. Check it out above.

Digital Editor Bronwyn is loving…hikes


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Look the weather may not be ideal. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be getting out in nature.

And I’ve been growing very fond of an ol’ hike. Just call me Roz Purcell.

Of course, for a hike you need the proper gear. Especially when it comes to footwear. You wouldn’t want to be slipping and sliding all over the mountains!

Thankfully Regatta is on hand to help as the brand has unveiled a line of waterproof and breathable outdoor footwear for men, women, and children.  There are six core styles across the brand’s technology and performance-led ‘Footwear Hierarchy’.

Not only are they functional, they’re also so comfortable and most importantly, you don’t need to break them in! It’s a win win!

Head of Commercial and Events Rebecca is loving…Gigi Supplements

March is Endometriosis Month.

The Irish brand was created by Jennie and Lisa, two Registered Nutritional Therapists who specialise in female health. They created fabulous supplements with the mission to make symptom-free menstrual cycles the norm.

Gigi contains 15 premium, science-backed ingredients in one super simple blend. Gigi’s ingredients have been formulated to support you throughout every day of your cycle for optimal hormonal balance.

You can pick up your supplements from their website and they launch in McCauleys and Meaghers Pharmacy.

Head of Digital Jade is loving…Sweets (and lots of them!)

Yes, it’s Easter. Yes, you’ll probably have enough chocolate to keep you occupied this weekend.

But if you don’t, make sure you pick up a few packs of Nestle’s new ice cream themed sweets… they’re actually unreal.

There’s Aero Melts, Raspberry Ripple flavour Milkybar Buttons, Cookie Dough Ice Cream flavour Munchies, and Ice Cream shaped Randoms Foamies.

The raspberry Milkybar Buttons are next level. I swear.

Editorial Intern Abby is loving..Married at First Sight Australia

One thing about me is I love trash TV. Real Housewives, Love is Blind, Below Deck, you name it, I’ve watched it. But one reality TV show that has slipped through the cracks for me is Married at First Sight Australia (MAFS) and let me tell you, I’ve been missing out.

There is plenty of scandal in every episode and it’s currently on season 11 so if you’re looking for something to binge over this Easter weekend, this is your show.

The series follows singles who participate in an experiment where they are matched by ‘experts’ and first meet on their wedding day. They then go on a honeymoon, move in together, meet the family, and go through different bonding exercises. It’s currently three weeks in and airs Monday to Thursday. There’s still about a month to go so it’s not too late to catch up!

Digital Editor Bronwyn is loving…Griff

This week, I was invited to a listening party of English artist, Griff.

She is set to release a brand new EP on April 5th that will be the second volume of her Vertigo releases. And I promise you are in for a treat.

She played the 3Olympia this week to a sold-out crowd. But watch this space, because I’m sure she’ll be back very soon.

Head of Digital Jade is loving… Solid skincare

Girls, I love a serum.

My face doesn’t react well to thicker creams, even though I tend to suffer from dry skin, so a solid serum is my go to.

Dibi Milano’s new range of acid infused serums has definitely piqued my interest this week, particularly the Bioactivating Solution Pure Polyglutamic Acid + Oligosaccharides for unbalanced skin and repairing the skin’s barrier. 

The serum strengthens and preserves the skin’s microbiome, and feels just gorgeous on my face and neck when I’m winding down for the night. Gorge.


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