The VIP List: Here’s what Team VIP is loving

Can you believe we’ve made it to July?

Yes, we’re halfway through the year!

So it’s safe to say that we’ve had a lot to love. Here’s what we’re obsessed this week!

Digital Editor Bronwyn is loving…a good massage

I really think that a good massage can really fix anything. So I was so excited to try out a lymphatic drainage massage.

Truly, this is something I’ve been longing to try for a long time. And it was truly heaven.

This week, JSHealth Vitamins teamed up with Essences Day Spa for a jam-packed day of helping us take better care of our bodies.

I will say it isn’t for the weak of heart as the massage aims to move toxins and unwanted fluids that you’re carrying in your body. So you really have to get in there to massage it out. But by the end I practically fell asleep on the table and floated out of the room.

It’s safe to say that I’ll be back ASAP!

Head of Digital Jade is loving… A gorge summer meal

The Conrad Dublin recently opened their new Terrace bar and restaurant, and it’s only beautiful.

The new space was designed by Irish artist Ciara O’Neill and includes a gorgeous cocktail menu, tasty brunch options, and lovely sharing plates.

Myself and a friend headed down this week and had some incredible burrata to share, as well as a mushroom risotto that was next level.

The lychee marg? It’s special.

Staff Writer Anja is loving…DOCTRINE Skincare

I’ve been loving a good cleansing balm as of late, so I’ve been trying out a few different brands to find what works best for my skin, and without a doubt, Doctrine’s Divinity Cleansing Balm is a sure winner. Follow up with the brand’s Radiant C Serum and you’ve got yourself the perfect skincare summer duo.

Both products have been designed to combat the unique challenges of summer skincare and offer a revitalising and protective regimen to keep your skin fresh and hydrated even during the hottest days. The balm itself gently removes impurities, excess oil, and sunscreen residue without stripping away essential moisture, while the Radiant C serum delivers a potent blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and moisture-binding ingredients to fortify your skin’s natural defences.

My skin has never looked better! Doctrine products are available to purchase here.

Digital Editor Bronwyn is loving…taking care of her feet

Summer is here, despite what the weather says. And I love to spend time at the beach…no matter the weather.

We’ll all be getting our toes out a lot more this summer, so we want our feet to look gorgeous.

Footlogix, the world’s first and only Pediceutical foot care line, is now available on Millies.ie, so we can try out the innovative and scientifically-backed foot care products now.

And I’m a convert! From the cracked heel cream to the mousse, I try to have a little pedicure at home as much as I can!

Head of Digital Jade is loving… Crunchy peanut butter

I’m big into porridge. I love waking up starving, popping some in the microwave, and topping it with lots of tasty bits to keep me full for the morning.

Lately, I’ve been using NutShed’s new peanut butter flavour, Oat & Maple Crunch, and it’s been a more than welcome addition to my morning routine.

The caramelly tones of maple and date syrups, as well as toasted oats, sunflower and pumpkin seeds are so, so good. And even better, the brand is Irish!

New obsession.

Head of Commercial and Events Rebecca is loving…SPF

With summer here, taking care of my skin is my top priority.

Kerry Hanaphy has just launched her new Protect SPF 50.

Known for empowering her clients to embrace their natural beauty with a harmonious blend of self-care and professional treatments across her three Dublin clinics. Kerry and her team are well aware skincare doesn’t end the moment you leave the clinic, a proper at-home routine is essential for maintaining the results of your professional treatments.

The new Protect SPF 50 is a broad-spectrum SPF that offers yearlong UV protection with a nourishing formula to suit all skin types and tones. Featuring a unique blend of skin-loving ingredients including Aloe Vera to sooth and Radish Root to reduce inflammation of the skin by decreasing swelling and redness.

The new Protect SPF 50 is available across the three Kerry Hanaphy Clinics, as well as online.

Digital Editor Bronwyn is loving…0.0

Have we mentioned that summer is here?

So that usually means that we’re hanging out with friends a lot more. And sometimes you don’t want to be drinking.

Personally I’m a huge fan of Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0%. I’m an even bigger fan now that they announced Formula 1 driver Charles Leclerc as their first ever brand ambassador.

Trust me, I’ll be pretending to be in Italy while I sip away at these.


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