The VIP List… Here’s what the team is loving this week

August is here and so is VIP Magazine’s latest issue! You can pick it up on shelves now to read all about Daniel and Majella, Grace Mongey’s wedding and Audrey Hamilton’s journey to motherhood.

But aside from getting our latest print baby out to the world, we’ve been pretty busy at VIP HQ.

Here’s what we’ve been loving this week!

Weekend Editor Sláine is loving…Netflix’s Shania Twain Documentary, Not Just a Girl


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As a Shania fan, I was, of course, excited when I heard a new documentary following her career and featuring the icon herself, was coming to Netflix.

But, in all honesty, I was pretty sceptical at the same time. It seems like every musician has a new documentary these days, and while most of them are good, some feel a little pointless.

Luckily this isn’t the case for Not Just A Girl.

Without spoiling anything, it chronicles Shania’s career from her start as a child performer in Canada, to the sensation she is today.

If you know anything about Shania, then you probably know she didn’t have the easiest life, so the documentary can be pretty heavy at points. But hearing her speaking about her struggles only reinforced how strong she is, and actually shows fans how much she had to overcome to make it in the industry.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll definitely want the listen to some Shania afterwards. It’s a 10/10.

You can watch Not Just A Girl on Netflix now.

Deputy Editor Niamh is a big fan of…the new Google Pixel Buds Pro

I am so impressed with the latest tech from Google.

These slick-looking Bluetooth earbuds feel comfortable and secure to wear, sound great, have easy-to-use touch-sensitive controls and have an excellent battery life – they last for up to 11 hours of playback!

Plus, a five-minute charge inside the case gives you over an hour extra of listening. My favourite feature, however, is the noise cancelling, which tunes out all the chatter and irritating sounds on my bus commute to work and allows me to listen to my true crime podcasts in peace!

Get them on store.google.com for €219.

Digital Editor Bronwyn O’Neill is loving…Nope

Full disclosure, I am a massive baby. I hate horror movies, but I knew that I had to go see Jordan Peele’s new film, Nope. I just knew everyone would be talking about it and I didn’t want to be left out.

I was kindly invited to the preview screening by Universal this week and I jumped at the opportunity. I went in completely blind and I think that is the best way to do it, but if you do want an idea of what you’re getting into the film follows two siblings who run a horse ranch.

However, when strange goings-on occur they are forced to take the survival of their ranch and their own lives into their own hands. There are plenty of metaphors and you’ll definitely leave the cinema thinking about what you just watched.

Nope hits cinemas on August 12th.

And if you are heading to the cinema, I can’t recommend the new AERO ShAero packs, I’m a sucker for the new Aero Melts!


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