The Fall make-up artist says she struggled to make Jamie Dornan look ordinary

He's just TOO hot!


He's just TOO good looking.
He’s just TOO good looking.


Make-up artist for The Fall, Pamela Smyth, has revealed that she struggled to make Jamie Dornan look ordinary in the BBC drama because of his striking good looks.

It was a tough day at the office for Pamela, who admitted that she found it difficult to downgrade Jamie’s looks for the role of murderer Paul Spector in the series.

Speaking to Belfast Live she said, “It sounds daft because very often people think of make up, they think making people look better.

“But Jamie is a very handsome guy, and he was supposed to be an ordinary Joe Bloggs, and also a murderer so there was proper work to do with him,” she said.

We still think he's a babe!
We still think he’s gorgeous!


Pamela, who recently won an Emmy for her work on HBO series Game Of Thrones, also told the newspaper that she felt guilty having to give Jamie a dodgy haircut and bad eyebrows for the role.

“Well I had to take the glow out of his skin, and make his naturally great complexion look grey and dull with make up.

“And to change his bright, engaging appearance I put a down turn in his eyebrows to alter his expression. It made him plainer looking, less striking and engaging.

“We also changed his hair and gave him that nerdy sort of cut. I felt bad doing that when he had to leave set because he’s quite a funky wee dude so sending him off with this rubbish hair cut was a bit bad. Sorry Jamie,” she said.

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