The Blizzards announce new music with their upcoming fourth album

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Ska-pop band The Blizzards announced their fourth studio album Sometimes We See More In The Dark, which will be released on the 13th of May.

The first single of the album, Friction Burns was released late last year, while the second single Trigger Me was released in early 2022, and the latest song from the album to be released, Play God, came out earlier this month.

Front man Bressie has said this album will be return to their stripped back sound. Telling RTÉ; “It was about going back to the rawness of being in a garage band. The idea of making your instruments work for the song rather than the song work for the instrument.”

louize carroll the blizzards

He also stressed how simple this album was to write as it came from authentic experiences. Saying; “Lyrically it felt like the album wrote itself . . . like they were there already. That’s always a special feeling because you know it’s coming from an authentic place.”

Sometimes We See More In The Dark, is an important project for the band as it marks bassist Louize Carroll’s first album with the group, an achievement she is very proud of. As she explained; “It’s the first time I’ve been part of an album from start to finish as a bass player, and in many ways I feel more belonging and meaning together as a band with this new body of work. I’m so proud of what the band has achieved.”

While for lead guitarist Justin Ryan the album was an important project to keep him active during the pandemic as he confessed; “”For me it was being given an opportunity to write and record music during the pandemic, it gave us a chance not only to rediscover ourselves musically but also hone our dynamic as a four-piece band and I’m looking forward to performing these songs live.”

Declan Murphy

Drummer Dec Murphy has yet to speak about the album, but Justin assured fans he feels the same way saying; “likewise for drummer Dec, having a creative outlet during life’s chaos and creating music that represents the bands best material.”

Continuing on to speak on the bands experience Justin explained; “To be in a position at this stage in our lives, where life is hectic and sometimes overwhelming, to be able to find time to create a special batch of songs has been very rewarding.”

“Working creatively where the priority in the feel and vibe of each song has been dictated by us and not the industry feels very empowering after 15 years mostly spent trying to please people.”

The album will be released on the 13th May, followed by an album launch party in The Academy Dublin on May 14th.

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