Terrie McEvoy shares her travel tips

Terrie McEvoy Pic: Brian McEvoy

Terrie McEvoy is known for her love of travelling.

She has visited countries around the globe. She previously lived in Australia with her husband, David Fitzpatrick.

Now she splits her time between Ireland and Portugal.

So when we sat down to chat with her, we had to ask her to share her travel tips.

Terrie McEvoy Pic: Brian McEvoy

Bring spares!

“When it comes to Specsavers, I would say to have a spare pair of glasses with you! Because it is an absolute disaster when you lose them. And definitely know where you put them. I lost my glasses when I was moving house! That would be first.”

Plan ahead

“Other hacks, are to make sure that you plan ahead. Make sure that you’re safe wherever you’re going.”

She adds: “I love to write a list. I’m quite scatty, so when I’m going around packing I always forget things. So as things pop into my head I write them down on a list on my phone. What did we do before we had phones? I wouldn’t be able to keep track of a journal.”

“Do your research wherever you’re going. Myself and David have done a good bit of travelling, we’ve been through South-East Asia, South America, all through Europe, Australia and New Zealand. We did extensive research before we went to all of those places and it really stood to us. We knew where we were going, what we were doing and how to keep ourselves safe.”

Bring the charge

“Make sure you have your battery packs with you. If you’re going out exploring you don’t want your phone to go dead.”


Pack your SPF

“I always pack SPF 50. I’m a big advocate for protecting your skin! I lived in Australia, I worked in Plastics, I know what it’s like to see skin cancer and things like that. So SPF 50, hats, making sure that you’re covering up.”

Entertain your little ones

She jokes: “Sydney is the queen of travelling.”

But Terrie and David have a solid travelling hack!

“I think it’s because when we’re at home we don’t give her the iPad. She only gets it when she’s travelling. So she sits into the seat with her iPad and is like ‘Don’t talk to me, I’ve got my iPad, Coco Melon is lit!’ So for any parent I would say pull back on the screen time before the flight so when they do get it, it’s a whole new lease of life.”

Specsavers have teamed up with Irish personality and travel-enthusiastic Terrie McEvoy after a survey found that 1 in 7 adults have picked up someone else’s bag on the conveyor belt at the airport, with 1 in 11 previously arriving to the airport for a flight only to realise passport details were out of date! What’s more, almost a third of 18-24’s have picked up someone else’s bag thinking it was their own. A true ‘should’ve gone to Specsavers’ moment!

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