Terrie McEvoy discusses mum guilt as she reveals return to nursing career

Terrie McEvoy Pic: Brian McEvoy

Mum guilt is something that all parents deal with.

Now Terrie McEvoy has opened up about the fact that the guilt is “never ever ending“.

She shared some pictures of her life recently admitting that life has been hectic and getting the chance to “switch off“ has become a “rare occurrence“.

She and her husband David took their little one, Sydney, for a walk recently enjoying the Irish summer.

“Getting time to switch off and just go for a simple walk has been a very rare occurrence lately!!“ she wrote on Instagram.

She revealed that she had made the decision to return to her nursing career.

“On top of everything we juggle, I decided to go back and take a new role to work on my nursing career as it’s honestly what truly makes my soul happy. It’s been absolutely amazing and I’m blessed I can somehow manage both but my god the mom guilt is real!!“ she wrote.

“One thing I’ve learned over the past 19 months is that the guilt never ever ends… whether you’re a stay-at-home parent giving your little one 100% of your time or working your butt off on your career, it’s just a constant flow of questioning and doubting yourself….

Terrie McEvoy

“I don’t think I’ve met a parent who feels they have it all figured out and if you are one of them please please share your secrets!!“

“This is random but I wanted to share some random thoughts on a random Wednesday because I feel like sometimes social media and society in general can tell us that everyone has it all figured out or we should have it all figured out when the reality is that we’re all just out here winging it and doing our absolute best and what’s right for our little families,“ she continued.

“So if you’ve doubted yourself as parent today and nobody has told you how amazing you are… this is a little sign to go easy on yourself, you’re absolutely amazing and you’re not alone!“

“What a wild, never-ending, magical, CRAZY ride parenthood is!“

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