Terrie McEvoy: “Motherhood for me has been such an incredible journey”

Terrie McEvoy

Terrie McEvoy is a busy woman.

But despite everything on her plate, she is never too busy for her daughter Sydney.

“She’s 17 months now. It’s hectic, absolutely hectic,” she tells VIP Magazine as we catch up at the Platinum VIP Style Awards launch.

However, Terrie assures us that she “wouldn’t have it any other way”.

Terrie McEvoy
Pic: Terrie McEvoy/Instagram

“She’s amazing. She’s flying around but she’s not walking on her own just yet. She’s cruising along furniture and she’s holding hands. She’s just a little bit nervous. She’s not sure of herself yet,” she tells us.

Before adding: “I’m trying to instil that confidence into her and get her to let go. Once she gets it I’m sure she’s going to be flying around. It’s so amazing.”

“Motherhood for me has been such an incredible journey.”

She admits that it has been such a joy to see little Sydney grow over the last year and a half.

Terrie McEvoy

“Everybody says you’re going to really miss this stage and when she grows out of the newborn stage you’re going to really miss it but I’ve really enjoyed watching her grow,” she admits.

“I’m not mourning anything so far, I’m just loving every stage as it comes. It’s been such a journey and I’m loving every single part.”

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