Terrie McEvoy discusses “chaotic” dream home move!

Terrie McEvoy Pic: Brian McEvoy

Terrie McEvoy and her husband David Fitzpatrick are living the dream after getting the keys to their perfect home in Ireland.

We caught up with Terrie and chat soon turned to her new abode.

The influencer is currently spending time in Portugal with her family which she admits “came at a great time” for them.

She laughs that moving in was “a bit chaotic”.

Terrie McEvoy

“We were planning on going to Portugal, but we knew we were getting a house around this time. But it was five days before we were going to Portugal that we got the keys to our new house,” she confesses with a laugh.

“So we had to move our old house into the new house. We had to pack for Portugal. David got sick, I got sick, Sydney got sick. I lost my glasses! I was going around half-blind. It was like Fawlty Towers. I packed them away in a safe place, can’t find them, don’t know what I did with them! It was chaotic I won’t lie.”

They’re now sunning themselves with baby Sydney in Portugal as they wait for the finishing touches to be put on their house.

“We’re getting all our floors put in and work done in the bathroom and kitchen. So it’s great that we’re not in the house because the days we stayed there it was horrendous. There was dust everywhere – Sydney was going to bed with dust covering her. I was like, ‘I’m the worst mother!’ You don’t know where anything is because everything is in boxes.”

She admits that she can’t wait to get into her dream home.

“I love being here in Portugal, but I can’t wait to get home to my new house. I’m dying to get in and decorate it. It’s the first time that we own a space that we can decorate. It’s such an exciting time.”

So when are they expecting to be settled in?

“We’re hoping to be back and in the house by mid-July. But we’re at the mercy of the builders. So we’ll see!”

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