Terrie McEvoy gets emotional as daughter heads off to first day of creché

Pic: Instagram/Terrie McEvoy

It’s a milestone that all parents have to go through – your little one’s first day at school.

Terrie McEvoy was emotional as she set her daughter, Sydney, off to creché for the first day.

She shared a video of her daughter running through the park with the caption: “Here she comes world. Please be kind #firstdayifnursery #imamess”.

Terrie took to her Instagram Stories to explain how Sydney got on at her first day.

“We’re doing 2 hours today and building it up,” she wrote as she explained that Sydney did “so well” at drop off.

“She seen the girls and just put her arms out and went straight to one of the girls and went in,” Terrie told her followers.

It looks like Sydney will have no problem fitting in as Terrie admitted the tot was “shaking with excitement” when she saw the other children.

However, there were some tears later in the day.

Pic: Instagram/Terrie McEvoy

“I got a little message off the girls to say that she settled and that she had a few tears but she’s doing really well. They were sending pictures of her playing with the toys and laughing,” she explained.

“I decided to hang about while she was in there just incase so I’m taking today off,” Terrie went on to say.

Thankfully she was able to collect her daughter after two hours and she promised to “snuggle the face off her” when they got home.

The influencer gave birth to their beautiful daughter Sydney, in November 2021.

Pic: Instagram/Terrie McEvoy

She gave birth via C-section three weeks prior to her due date, something that she hadn’t planned for.

Recently, she spoke about her birth experience on her podcast with her husband, David.

She took to Instagram posting a gorgeous video of her holding Sydney while basking in a stunning sunset.

She captioned the post: “I’m still getting through the messages from Sunday’s episode sharing our birth story on @tendownpodcast and wow…. I’m completely blown away by the response!”

She continued on saying how difficult it can be sharing your vulnerable moments but if it helps other people then it’s worth it.

“It’s never easy sharing your most vulnerable moments let alone with so many people but if it has helped or reassured even one person it was worth it.”

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