Taylor Swift shakes up her Eras Tour! What to expect from her Dublin shows

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Taylor Swift has kicked off the European leg of her recording-breaking Eras Tour.

She is due to perform three sold-out shows in the Aviva at the end of June.

The American superstar has had a long break between her last show and now. In fact, she even released a new album – The Tortured Poet’s Department.

So what changes have been made to the tour and what can we expect from the Dublin shows?


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Has anything changed?

Oh yes!

Songs have been cut and songs have been added. There’s been new staging and new costumes added to the show. So we’re sure we’ll get something similar here in Ireland.

What songs have been added?

As we mentioned, she has released a new album and fans were eagerly waiting to see if she would be adding a new set to the tour.

And as of this week, she has!

So she has added seven songs from the album. These songs include:

  • But Daddy, I Love Him
  • So High School
  • Who’s Afraid Of Little Old Me
  • Down Bad
  • Fortnight
  • The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived
  • I Can Do It With A Broken Heart
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Have any songs been cut?

Unfortunately, to accommodate the new seven songs, we have had to say goodbye to some fan favourites!

So almost every era has had at least one song cut.

Let’s go era by era!

Lover: The Archer has been cut

Speak Now: Long Live has been cut

Folklore: The 1 and The Last Great American Dynasty have both been cut

Evermore: Tis The Damn Season and Tolerate It have been cut

Fearless, 1989 and Midnights have all remained untouched.

What else has changed?

Well she has several costume changes in the show and she has added new and updated looks for her European tour. If you’ve been following along on the first few legs of the tour, you are well aware of her outfits.

But it looks like almost every set has a new costume attached to it. Exciting!

While she started the show with the same songs as usual, it soon became apparent that the order of the songs had been chopped!

If we go by Paris, fans in Dublin can now expect Lover the Fearless era, then Red, Speak Now, Reputation, a combination of the Folklore / Evermore albums, which she has dubbed Folkmore or Everlore. She then goes into 1989 before hitting us with a brand new The Tortured Poets Department Era, and finally, Midnights.


Taylor brings her Eras Tour to Dublin’s Aviva Stadium this June 28th, 29th and 30th, 2024

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