Suzanne Jackson shares her experience rescuing a new family dog


Suzanne Jackson has introduced fans to her new puppy, Lola, sharing her story of rescuing the new family pet.

In a vlog posted to Instagram, Suzanne brought her followers to the shelter, and showed an inside glimpse as she met the little pup for the very first time.

Explaining why it was important to story her story, the business woman said: “So guys, it’s coming close to Christmas now, and I’m fully aware that lots of children and families are considering getting a pet. Well, today I am on the way to rescue a little doggy, she’s two, she’s had a horrific story.”

“I suppose the reason for doing this video, is to shed a bit of light on the rescue centers and trying to encourage you guys to rescue or adopt a doggy.”

The video shows Suzanne visiting Wicklow Animal Welfare and seeing all the dogs they’ve saves. Before meeting the newest edition to her family. Their little doggy was originally named Lucy, however, they have decided to rename her Lola.

Sharing Lola tragic backstory in the caption, Suzanne wrote: “Everyone meet Lola! They say everything happens for a reason, and I truly believe so. Last week, my iphone randomly notified me of a video made of our rescue Pixie using a collection of images from 2018. I loved it so much I decided to share it as a reel.”

“That day, WAW reached out to me & showed me a video & images of a doggy in their care that was looking for a home. Lola is 2, was used for breeding, locked away in a shed, and was savagely attack by two other dogs for food as they were starved! This resulted in her loosing right eye entirely.

“I fell head over heels in love with her there & then, she was so playful & energetic in the video. How could this poor little dog be so happy after everything she had been through.”


Continuing: “I decided there & then I was going to apply for adoption, shortly after that we made an appointment for today as I wanted to visit the rescue centre & meet Lola, as well as the other dogs.”

“Well the news is, I collected her today & well the rest is history. She is our new addition and she has slotted in so well and so fast.”

Sharing just how well Lola was fitting in with the family, she shared: “There hasn’t been one row, and she is besotted already with us. She hasn’t left Dylan’s side.”

Finally urging people to rescuing an animal in need if they are looking for a pet. Explaining: “Anyway, the main message here is, adopt don’t shop & hopefully you too can give a doggy a loving home if the time is right.”

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