Style Secrets with Louise Cooney: “When it comes to fashion I’ll always put it before practicality, even if I regret my choices later.”

We’ve been digging through the closets of some famous faces to get the secrets behind their style.

From where they get their inspiration to their favourite places to shop we’ve asked them all the questions you’ve always wanted to know.

This week VIP have been speaking to fashion influencer Louise Cooney to get the low-down on her wardrobe.

Most worn piece of clothing?
A black double breasted blazer I have from H&M. It’s so versatile & just really good quality! Something I’ll have in my wardrobe & continue to wear for a long time.

Most sentimental piece in your wardrobe?
My aran knit jumper my granny knit me. She had her own tags that said “Made especially for you by Peg O’Neill” – it’s so special to me. It’s a hug in a jumper!

You have 5 minutes to get ready for a night out. What is your go-to outfit?
Black leather spanx, black blouse, nice pair of gold earrings & a crossbody bag. A nice statement coat on top to finish off the look!

What are the staple pieces you think should be in everyone’s wardrobe?
A white shirt, a well fitting pair of jeans, a black blazer & a great pair of black boots!

Staple pieces for a holiday wardrobe?
A cute beach bag, a chic shift dress for going to and from the beach/pool, sunnies & a comfy pair of sandals!

Your biggest investment buy?
My Louis Vuitton handbag & let me tell you I have gotten my cost per wear on that bad boy!

Are there any outfits/trends you regret wearing?
Platform heels – I’m 5 foot 10 as it is, I definitely didn’t need the height! But when it comes to fashion I’ll always put it before practicality, even if I regret my choices later.

Your favourite brand to shop with?
H&M – very reasonably priced, on trend & I love that they have put more of a focus on sustainability through their recycling & conscious collection!

The best style advice you’ve ever received?
Less is more.

What outfit makes you feel the most comfortable?
Weirdly I love an all white look! I’m always a little worried I’m going to get it dirty, so I’m not comfortable in that sense, but it makes me feel good, stylish and like myself.

What is your next buy/what are you lusting after?
I love Bottega Veneta everything at the moment, but I think I’ll be lusting a little while longer! New York is an expensive city to live in so I will admire from afar for now!

Is there a particular piece of jewellery that you wear all the time?
Yes my Katie Mullally Gold Irish Pound necklace my sisters got me for Christmas, I love it so much.

Who is your biggest style icon?
I definitely look to other fashion bloggers for inspiration Leonie Hanne, Brittany Xavier, Danielle Bernstein, Caroline Daur – they just never get it wrong.

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