Stuck for a Halloween costume? Why not dress up as one of your favourite celebs!

Get sorted for this weekend with these last minute fixes!

Need some inspo for Halloween this weekend? We’ve already covered the best costumes by our favourite Irish celebs from last year, but how about dressing up as them!?

Here’s VIP’s top picks of which stars to replicate for your costume – and best of all they can be done at a very small cost. Make sure to send us your snaps of the finished look!

Louis Walsh

Louis gave us all a lol when he appeared in the recent Cadbury ad, and all you need to copy him is a purple shirt & socks, a whisk, and a mask of the X Factor star’s famous face, which you can get here. Simple – now you’re ready to ‘boogie’ the night away on Halloween.

Louis Walsh

Conor McGregor

‘The Notorious’ fighter is a great option for all any fellas out there, and it’s super easy to do, too. All you need is a pair of long shorts, a fake wresting belt, an Ireland flag, and a few stick on tattoos…and voila! Another option is a three piece suit and a beard if you’d prefer Conor’s fancy look. A man bun may also be essential.

Conor McGregor

Panti Bliss

This one may take a little bit more time, especially when it comes to the make up. You will need lots of lipstick, lots of blusher, and a lot of mascara to get even close to how glamorous Ireland’s most famous drag queen is! Also on your prep list will be a blonde wig, a sequinned dress, stiletto heels, and a hell of a lot of confidence! For some major Panti inspiration go see her new film, The Queen of Ireland, out now.


Daniel and Majella

Our cover stars this month are a definite go-to costume choice for any couples out there – but to dress up as wee Daniel alone would be perfectly acceptable too. The Donegal singer may have been voted out of Strictly, but the sparkly outfits and hairsprayed hair are too good to miss! All you need is to back comb your hair and stick on a sequinned button down shirt and you’re good to go. Majella is also an easy one to achieve if you and a partner decide to go as a duo: simply put on a fitted dress and sport a tight blonde haircut and you’re ready. Now all that’s left to do is to perfect that Northern accent!

The happy couple during VIP's exclusive photoshoot  Pic: Holly Glynn
The happy couple during VIP’s exclusive photoshoot Pic: Holly Glynn

Damo and Ivor

And old reliable for you and a mate. There should be no issue in finding all you need to perfect the looks for both Damo and Ivor. For Damo, all that’s required is a pair of tracksuit bottoms tucked into white socks and a pair of Nikes (preferably Air Max!). You will also need a cap (worn at 90 degrees, obvz), sovereign rings, and a cigarette. For Ivor, you just need to rock a polo shirt (collar popped…) and a pair of chinos with a jumper draped over your shoulders. You’ll also need fake tan, and lots of it!

Damo and Ivor

Mrs. Brown

A great option for both men and women is Brendan O’Carroll’s Mrs. Brown. All that’s required is a calf-length button dress, a pink cardigan, an apron, a pair of ‘sensible’ shoes, a pair of reading glasses, and a drawn on mole for your chin. You might also want some rollers for your hair. And most importantly, a sassy attitude!

Mrs Brown

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