Stephanie Davis deletes tweet slamming Jeremy McConnell for taking DNA test on This Morning

The actress' original statement has disappeared from her timeline.

We wonder where it's disappeared to?
We wonder why she deleted it?

Stephanie Davis has deleted a scathing statement about Jeremy McConnell taking a paternity test live on air from her Twitter.

Earlier this week, the Irish model took a paternity test to see if he’s the father of the his ex-girlfirend’s son, Caleb live on This Morning. Stephanie was outraged with the live DNA test and took to Twitter to release a statement hours later.

A statement released on Stephanie’s behalf reads, “Stephanie has felt humiliated by Jeremy denying his own son and foolishly announcing publicly his request for a DNA test.

“Jeremy has caused Stephanie massive amounts of stress, pressure and upset throughout her pregnancy, ruining for what most women, is one of the most special times of their lives.

He wants answers.
She was NOT happy.

“Jeremy has at no point throughout the pregnancy or after the birth been in contact directly with Stephanie, Jeremy was categorically not banned from the birth, nor did he ever ask to attend.”

It continues, “Jeremy has been given the option at all times to take part in a DNA test, because of past behaviour Stephanie has requested that this is handled via the correct channels and managed by her solicitor.

“Jeremy to date has continually refused the terms of the agreement that Stephanie has proposed, which he was given the right to make his own amendments to suit him. This confidentiality agreement was made to ensure privacy and protect Caben-Albi.

“It is upsetting to think that Jeremy would stoop so low to challenge the mother of his child to a DNA test live on tv when it was already in hand. This shows how little concern he has for Caben and this is already being dealt with privately.”

Just days after sharing the scathing post, Stephanie appears to have deleted the statement. A rep for Stephanie told The Sun Online she had no comment regarding the removal of the statement.


It seems that the actress is now trying to focus on the positive, as she’s been sharing thank you messages with fans and  snaps from her bed time rituals with little Caben-Albi.

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